Happy 2012 to everyone!  With the New Year comes fresh new products  and fun ways to add interesting layers to your interiors.  We thought we would share a sampling of some of the fabulous things that caught our eye during a visit to AmericasMart here in Atlanta.

S ” Table from Mr. Brown

We loved the finishes and the variety of shapes found in pieces at Mr. Brown from Julian Chichester.  This great looking “S” table has an aged brass finish that will work well when you want to mix something edgy and different in with your beautiful antiques.  We would love to see it beside a Billy Baldwin slipper chair or even a traditional camel back sofa.  It is just the right height and size to place a tasty cocktail at the end of a long day.  Is is five o’clock yet?

Light Fixture from Mr. Brown


Also found at Mr. Brown from Julian Chichester was this gorgeous cream and gilt light fixture that was reminiscent of abalone shells found in New Zealand or South Africa.  We absolutely love antique light fixtures but this new fixture is truly a fabulous find!   The shells on this fixture have a texture off of which light can illuminate throughout the room.  We could see this fixture in a Dining Room with the walls dressed in either a metallic Designer’s Guild wallpaper or perhaps in a geometrically designed wallpaper that would provide a continuation of shape.  
Bookcase from Modern History
The line from Modern History caught our eye with all of its painted finishes and gilded accents.  This vertical bookcase is almost a piece of art in and of itself.  It has a unique shape and echos the classical element of the Greek Key.  Placed in a study or living room, it would add a geometric design that would impart enough elegance to take the space to the next level of sophistication without being overdone.

Gilded Table by Design Legacy

The Design Legacy line from Nancy Price was full of innovative Lucite pieces that are great for layering.  One of our very favorite finds was this gilded side table with Lucite top. This same application could be used in so many different ways, such as a top on an antique coffee table or even as a back plate on a pair of iron sconces.  Lucite provides us with so many creative uses in our interiors!

Lucite Bar Stool by Design Legacy

This handsome Lucite seat is just what you need for a unique bar stool.  The brass foot rest adds an expected layer of texture that makes this piece pop!  We would love to see this piece in a traditional Kitchen or bar over an heirloom antique rug.  Talk about a winner in old meets new!  Divine!

Coffee Table by Design Legacy

This metal and glass coffee table immediately caught our eye. We loved the design and it’s placement on top of a geometric rug.  The table and rug work beautifully together and show us how we can layer similar shapes in different ways.  It was a very subtle yet creative way to add texture and shape to a space!

Artwork by Elaine Gleason

Art is always one our our weaknesses and we love what it brings to a space and how easily it can transform an interior.  We loved the artwork of New Orlean’s artist Elaine Gleason.  How fun and different would these bird paintings be in a nursery? We also loved her custom framing and the use of the  small 1″ gilded frame. This technique enhanced the artwork instead of competed with it.  We found her work, whether it was sea life, birds or landscapes, to be so refreshing!

 We hope these fabulous finds have given you some inspiration and new design ideas.  Sometimes it just takes that unique piece to provide you with a renewed appreciation of your interiors!



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