Bursting with Design
Welcome to a “Pair with a Flair.” This is our creative platform to reveal all the things we love about design. We hope you enjoy our first blog entry and look forward to sharing more with you soon!
We have fallen in love with antique starbursts!  We have used them for years in our design and love the versatility and uniqueness that they bring to interiors.  We have found so many fun wonderful ways to use them throughout our design and wanted to share them with you.    
Images #1 & #2
In image #1 we used the starburst as a piece of artwork and as a focal point above a bed in a show house bedroom.  It’s unique shape mimics the curve on the bed and gives your eye a place to rest.  For image #2 we used the starburst for a ceiling mounted fixture in a client’s foyer.  This fixture provides light into the space as well as a wonderful reflection of the starburst’s shape onto the painted ceiling.  
Images #3 & #4
For a client installation shown in image #3 we found a fabulous freestanding starburst clock and layered it as part of a collection of treasures on her antique chest.  It gives the space additional height as well as adding a touch of whimsy using a classical element.
With a client who adores everything French, as shown in image #4, we incorporated a starburst as part of a collage of Paris prints and gilded architectural pieces.  It acts as the anchor in the composition and gives wonderful dimension in its shape and the repetition of finish.
Images #5 & #6
 For a Foxglove Antiques Christmas event, we used a starburst light fixture as part of a holiday table setting.  Image #5 shows how we turned it upside down and used the center as a vase to house fresh red roses and greenery.  It added an innovative flair and an unexpected design element to the table. In image #6 we found a really unique starburst and used it for a down lit ceiling fixture.  It provides both warm light and a great art piece to this cozy kitchen.

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