Timeless. Classic. Tailored. Design That Endures.

A vibrant force in the Atlanta design community for over twelve years. GLENN EPTING Interior Design’s overwhelming success is built on its commitment to stellar client service and its innovative approach to design that will endure. “Our job is to refine our clients’ best inclinations,” says Pebbles Glenn Nix, “to bring them beautiful, functional spaces that say, ‘I’m Home.’”

Bringing style and polish to old or newly constructed homes, executive offices, as well as vacation homes and yachts, GLENN EPTING Interior Design has created and delivered timeless, classic, and tailored spaces to hundreds of clients nationally.

High performance standards are our priority. Communication with our clients is as clean and concise as the interiors we deliver. Our clients want sophisticated style – that looks and feels like them – delivered on time and within budget. In most instances, we are asked back later to consult on renovations or room “refreshers.” “One of my greatest joys, admits Nix, “is to see how our clients evolve – refurbishing existing items – while also being eager to try new things.”

Clients who partner in design with us define our portfolio of work. Every project we complete is simply the most elegant, well-edited and appropriate representation of our client’s personality. This stems from our deep respect for our clients, their homes and the lives they lead.

Our clients are as unique as the homes we create together. We have worked with many young couples with young children. While their needs and tastes may change as they grow older, they are eager to learn through the design process. Many of our older clients are the parents of existing clients. These extended families now consider themselves part of the GLENN EPTING Interior Design family.

Welcome to our family. And Welcome Home!


Design That Endures is built upon a solid foundation of inspiration, collaboration and talent. Recognizing in each other their complementary styles and high professional standards, Pebbles Glenn Nix and Kristin Epting Sullivan formed GLENN EPTING Interior Design, Inc. in 2006.

The “Pair With A Flair” worked with numerous satisfied clients until Kristin relocated to the West Coast in 2012. Consulting on a regular basis with Pebbles, Kristin continues to exercise her life-long love of, and expertise in, antiques and art in her design business.

Kristin can be reached at (404) 290-0069 or at kristinepting@bellsouth.net.

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